Proper Storage & Shelf Life of Casting Resins

I am asked about storage and shelf lives of casting resins quite often, so I thought I’d do a quick video covering the important aspects of both subjects. There are some important things to consider with both, so I hope this video helps out.

2 thoughts on “Proper Storage & Shelf Life of Casting Resins”

    1. Hey Pat, I have quite a few videos about embedding objects and I do a live stream on Wednesdays and Saturdays 2-5PM Pacific time where I cast objects in resin for turning blanks. It’s probably easiest to navigate the videos on my YouTube channel. Here’s a playlist of projects I’ve embedded objects in resin for:

      My live streams are broadcast on my Twitch channel:

      One tip for you, if you plan to embed organic materials like wood or flowers, you’ll need to fully dry them out first to 0% moisture content or stabilize them. I also have videos on drying out wood and stabilizing wood on my YouTube channel.

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