Resin Cast Alumilite Bowl With Pinecones Embedded

This time I show you how I cast and turned a pinecone bowl blank out of Alumilite using my “Alpine” pen blank design for the color mixture. I used a really awesome idea that I got from Brendan Stemp on YouTube for how to cast the bowl.

Rather than cast a big block of resin and waste the majority of it away when hollowing out the bowl, I just used a plastic bowl that I picked up at the dollar store for the mold then used a shaped wood plug for the center made from glued up 2×4’s. It makes it super quick to core out the bowl, and you save a ton of resin!

Unfortunately, I miscalculated how deep the wood plug went into the mold and ended up turning into the wood. So, I decided to cover up the pine that was showing in the bottom of the bowl with more resin. The fix worked pretty well, and it’s hardly noticeable now. Next time, I will definitely be using a shorter wood plug!

Check out Brendan Stemp’s video on making bowl shaped castings:

Links to Tools & Materials Used

Tommy G Workshop Carbide Tools

Alumilite Clear Slow Set

Bowl Mold: Dollar Store

Pinecones: I used a huge pinecone that I picked up in Tahoe that I stabilized and sliced into thinner sections

Deft Spray Lacquer

“Paint Pockets” spray booth filters



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