Resin Cast Pinecone and Walnut Lamp

One of my favorite projects yet!! This one was made using a big pinecone that I found at Lake Tahoe. I cast the pinecone in Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin, and I added a little gold leaf. Overall, the casting part was super simple. The base of the lamp is made with a black walnut bowl blank I got from Yak Branson, and I used a remote controlled color changing LED light bulb I got on Amazon.

This was the first time I had hollowed out a big blank like this, and it was really fun. Overall the turning process was pretty straight forward, and it was fun too! The bowl blank was really simple as well, as I only trued up the outside and drilled a couple holes in the blank. One feature that I really like about this project is the small cove I turned on the bottom of the bowl. It gives the piece a lighter feel and looks really nice too.

I picked up all the electronic parts on Amazon, and I linked to the parts I used below:

LED Light Bulb:

Power Cord:

Light Socket:

By using my affiliate links to Amazon, you help support the show with any purchases you make. Thanks for your support!!

I hope you give a lamp project a try! If you haven’t done any hollowing, this is an easy project to get your feet wet with. I used Tommy G carbide tools for most of the hollowing process, and I used my negative rake scraper to turn the outside of the pinecone blank.

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