Resin Casting With Glitter

Decided to pick up some glitter and experiment with it in resin, and I was really surprised at how awesome it turned out! I was a little worried that the shimmery effects would dull if you sanded it, but it turns out great even after machining it. With so many colors and types to choose from, this is guaranteed to provide you with endless options for casting some cool pieces!

I was able to snag a discount code for everyone to use if you want to try out Solar Color Dust’s glitter. Enter “DunkinJunk” when you check out to get 5% off your order.

They sell a few different types, but the longer strands like I used in the video are called “holographic tinsel glitter.” They also sell a ton of other cool products that can be used in resin, so take a peek around. I am not sponsored or affiliated with Solar Color Dust in any way, but I was able to wiggle out a discount code for everyone. Hope you have some fun playing with glitter!!


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