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Shop Update 4-10-2016

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New Shop Update this week, all about my travels to Vegas meeting up with Braxton and Tommy G! Check out the awesome carbide turning tool set that Tommy gave me, plus a matching pen.

The Giveaway is going to be postponed and will be held during my 5,000 subscriber celebration video coming soon. It snuck up on me, so I decided to postpone the Giveaway and add a bunch of fun prizes to celebrate the big milestone.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for your support for my channel. It’s surreal reaching 5,000 subscribers, and I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from everyone.

Don’t forget to check out Braxton and Tommy G’s channels for some great woodworking and wood turning! Tommy has a video on how he made the carbide tools, and he’ll be making a video soon on how he made the matching pens too. If anyone is interested in purchasing tools or one of those awesome pens, he’s going to be selling them through his Facebook page until he gets a website store up and running.

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