Shop Update 6-19-2016

"Firestorm" pen blanks inspired by the colors of fire red, yellow and white a great match for the Kansas City Chiefs, custom made with Alumilite resin by NV WoodwerksLots going on in the shop lately, mostly just getting it torn apart and put back together! I also have a new blank that’s in my store called Firestorm. It’s a red, yellow and white color swirl that looks like fire! It’s also a great match for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I’ve had my shop torn apart for two weeks now, but it’s finally back together! I had to do a little reorganizing in the shop to make space for a new lathe that I purchased, the Galaxi DVR (that I still haven’t received!). Since I had some reconfiguring to do anyway, I decided to some long overdue improvements throughout the shop.

New Lathe AreaThe other goal I had for the makeover was to get things ready to do live streaming. I’m really excited to start live streaming, and I’ll be using the Twitch Creative platform to do the broadcasting. I plan to start out by doing Dunkin’ Junk! live, and I think it’s going to be awesome being able to get lots of live viewer interaction while doing these tests!

Dunkin’ Junk! Live

I have a form set up on my website where you can submit ideas for upcoming Dunkin’ Junk! tests. I’ll be choosing a handful of the suggestions from the list each week then letting the viewers at the live session get the final vote on what to dunk in resin.

Head over to my Twitch Channel ( to check it out and make sure to hit the Follow button so you will be notified when I go live. I still have some work to do before I can start streaming, but it’s coming soon. I haven’t worked out a schedule for the live broadcasts as of yet, but I will be choosing a day and time each week to do the Dunkin’ Junk! Live streams and post the schedule on my website and all the social media outlets once I have it set.

Once I get everything back in order in the shop, I’ll be back to my normal schedule with videos. I have a lot of videos in the cue, and I just need to get them started.

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