Skull Lamp Halloween Decoration Project

This was a fun one!! This project is comprised of two separate blanks cast and turned to form one really cool lamp! The base includes a mixture of orange, black and white pearl resin; and the top is a plastic skull cast in clear resin. I used Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin for both blanks, and the molds used are a 6″ PVC pipe and a 9″ silicone cake mold. I love that cake mold, it works fabulous! If you would like to pick one up, they are pretty cheap and work great for resin. Here is my affiliate link to them on Amazon:

The best part of this project is the ease of setting up the lamp part. No ugly cords or electrical parts to mess with since it’s a battery operated remote controlled LED puck. Just drill a hole and pop it in! I also found the LED lights on Amazon, here’s my affiliate link to them if you want to pick some up:

This was a fairly simple project to cast and turn, and the end result is a really cool piece that you can use to decorate for the holidays or any time of the year depending on what you choose for colors and the topper part. If you make something like it and post pics on social media, definitely tag me in the post. I’d love to see what you come up with =D

As I mentioned in the video, Easy Wood Tools recently released some new sizes of their nifty negative rake cutters. I used the new Ci0 NR cutter on the full size handle for parts of the turning in this video. The larger handle and bar are great for larger blanks having more leverage and mass, especially for hogging away material and truing up blanks. Woodcraft has them in stock now, and they will be coming to your favorite retailers soon if they aren’t in there already.

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