Snowflake Ornament Update

An update to the 3D printed snowflake ornament project. This time I used 5 minute epoxy to seal the wood off, and what a difference it made!! The new one turned out exactly as I’d hoped with the wood showing through nice and clear. 5 minute epoxy is a much better product to use for sealing off wood before pouring resin!

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2 thoughts on “Snowflake Ornament Update”

  1. Larry W. Skeen

    Hi Zak,
    I liked your video on making the snowflake ornament using 5 minute epoxy. Question is where do you get the snowflakes and what are they made of?
    Thanks, Larry

    1. Hey Larry, I made the snowflakes with my 3D printer. I found the design on Thingiverse, you can download the files here: If you don’t have a 3D printer, many public libraries have them that you can use now. Also, if you have a maker space near you, they should be able to print one for you if they have a 3D printer. There are also lots of online marketplaces where you can have people print anything you want

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