Stainless Steel Honey Dipper

The folks over at Stainless Bottle Stoppers sent me out some of their new stainless steel honey dipper kits, and I was really excited to make some handles for them using my new 2″ aluminum honeycomb panels. I made the blanks using Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin, perfect for larger blanks. For one of the blanks, I added a drop of yellow dye only, and for the other blank I used Casters Choice White Pearl and Spruce Green powders.

These were super fun to make, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. The stainless steel kits are beautiful, and they allow you to get really creative making handles for them. The kits include inserts that allow you to unscrew the dipper for cleaning, super handy! Check them out at

If you’d like to make some honeycomb blanks of your own, the 2″ thick panels are available for purchase on my website here:

I also made a few different styles of 1.75″ square by 3″ long honeycomb blanks like I used in the video. You can check them out in my new “Short Runs” section of my website:  You’ll want to check back regularly in that section for new unique blanks that I make only a handful of at a time. I’ll be adding large blanks for bowls, lidded boxes, and spheres as well soon.

Make sure to check out my “Tools I Use” page to find direct links to the products I use like resin, powders, and more:


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