Sunburst Platter – Collaboration With Carl Jacobson

Carl and Robin Jacobson came down to work on a collaboration project, and we decided to try making a resin cast platter blank with aluminum honeycomb embedded in it. We were going for a “sunburst” effect on the blank, and I think it turned out pretty awesome. We used red, orange, and yellow Casters Choice mica powders, and we mixed it into Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin. Overall, it was a pretty easy blank to make.

Get entered into the giveaway for the platter on Instagram:

This was such a fun project! It was great to be able to work on the blank with Carl, and he did an amazing job turning it. Check out Carl’s video below…

I have links to most of the products I use on my “Tools I Use” page on my website. The silicone cake mold I used for casting the blank worked great. I picked it up on Amazon (affiliate link):

Big thank you to Carl and Robin for driving down to the shop to work on this collaboration project. I had a blast with you guys, hope we can come up to visit you soon!

2 thoughts on “Sunburst Platter – Collaboration With Carl Jacobson”

  1. The video for the actual turning of the platter is not correct. It comes on at a time point about 3 minutes from the end.

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