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I love being able to share ideas and knowledge with everyone, but it does take a significant amount of time and money to produce videos and provide support. I greatly appreciate all the support that I get both online and offline from everyone. If you would like to help out as well, there are many ways that you can support NV Woodwerks.

Pen blanks are my primary income, and I have about 100 different styles of pen blanks that I keep stock of. I appreciate everyone who chooses NV Woodwerks Pen Blanks to make pens with. roduct purchases in my shop. If you just don’t need any pens or blanks though, there are a number of ways that you can help out. Many won’t cost you a dime, but if you’re feeling generous there are also ways that you can provide support monetarily.

Producing the tutorials, projects, and Dunkin’ Junk Live does require a significant amount of time, materials, and equipment. If the video content is helpful and you feel like providing monetary support to help keep the lights on so to speak, you can donate directly to the show through my donations page. It is a one time donation, but you can donate as often as you like 🙂 I greatly appreciate everyone who helps out with the costs of the show.

Ways to Provide Support That Won’t Cost You A Dime!

Comment, Like, and Share: Don’t be shy and say hi 🙂 It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but liking, sharing, and commenting on my social media and YouTube videos help tremendously. Sharing helps more people discover my content, and liking and commenting (as well as sharing) tells YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other media platforms that people are interested in what I’m posting. When the media platforms recognize that engagement, they will bump my content up in the search results and people’s social media feeds. Plus, it tells me that I’m doing a good job!

You can also support my efforts by using my affiliate links to products and services. If you’re not familiar with affiliate links, they are just a way for vendors to track where people are coming from. When you use my links to products that I’m an affiliate with, they give me a small referral fee.

The best example is for Amazon.com products. I am an affiliate for Amazon, which just means that if you click on my specified link and purchase anything, I’ll get a referral commission from Amazon. But, you have to use my specific link for it to work. Those specific links tell Amazon (or any other affiliate vendor) that you came from my website and used the link I provided.

Here’s my Amazon.com affiliate link: http://amzn.to/1fzPoUG

I’m also looking for sponsors for my show, so if you would be interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact me directly to discuss what you have in mind. I would be interested in partnering with companies of products that I use and will proudly recommend.