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Cove Profiles on the Table Saw: A Cove Jig

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Well, I decided to shoot a quick video to possibly help out a fellow woodworker on Lumber Jocks and thought I would also share on my website too.  The cove jig is a pretty awesome way to turn your table saw into a cove cutting machine.  It basically gives you the power of a router without using a router.

The jig is extremely simple to build out of scrap materials, but it works excellent. I would almost say it’s a joy to use when I compare it to other jigs that seem to take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.  This one seems to defy the laws of physics… It allows you to send a workpiece over the table saw blade at an angle rather than straigt rhough.

So, I hope that this video helps you out.  Enjoy!

Below is a picture of the cove cutting jig available at Rockler in case you are interested in checking out some of the features it has. You can check it out on their website by clicking the following link (which will also give you 20% off if you need to pick anything up from them through April)… Click Here to Get 20% off at Rockler
Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

from: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

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  • Gretchen March 29, 2014, 3:45 PM

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

    • Zac Higgins March 29, 2014, 11:10 PM

      You’re welcome, lots more to come!

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