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Firehose Micarta Pen

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Picture of a piece of firehose and a pen made out of firehose micarta

First attempt at making a micarta turning blank, and I used firehose as the material! I made a Sierra style pen out of the blank, and the experiment was a success!

Colored Pencil Bowl

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Not your average colored pencil bowl! I decided to cast the pencils and keep the outside colors intact. In the video I go through how I cast the blank as well as turning it up.

Casting Wasp Nest in Alumilite | Dunkin’ Junk Replay

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https://youtu.be/fD8JdOD8rV4 In this episode, I tried casting some stabilized wasp nest in Alumilite "Clear Slow Set" resin to make some pen blanks with. Overall, I'd say the experiment was a success! The wasp nest had a bunch of "cells" in it like tubes, but they didn't go all the way through. This did cause some issues [...]