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Casting Seashell Pen Blanks in Alumilite Resin

Tricky blanks, but they sure do look good! In this video I show the steps involved in making and turning these blanks plus share some of the problems and solutions I came up with to get through these challenging blanks.

How to cast coffee beans in Alumilite to make pen blanks. Stabilizing coffee beans turning a coffee bean blank

Casting Coffee Bean Pen Blanks in Alumilite

In this video I share my tips and tricks for casting coffee beans in Alumilite resin, plus I compare stabilized beans to non-stabilized beans to see if it reduces the brittleness of the beans.

2016 Stress Free Woodworks Pen Challenge | Pens For Soldiers

My entry for the Stress Free Woodworks Pen Challenge… A red, white and blue sagebrush infused pen! I go through the steps in casting the blank as well as turning the pen in the video. Thanks for putting this challenge on James! I had a blast participating in the challenge, and I’m honored to get a chance to show my support and appreciation for our brave men and women out there protecting us.

Some example pen blank castings with ribbons made from Alumilite resin

How to Make Ribbon Blanks With Alumilite

Ribbon blanks are super simple to make with Alumilite resin, and you can get some pretty awesome results with ribbons in your blanks. Ribbons also allow you to add colors or highlights strategically in your blanks, something that is extremely difficult to do with just dyes or pigments alone.

Casting Pasta Pen Blanks in Alumilite

Back to casting! I have always wanted to try casting pasta in Alumilite for pen blanks. It’s one of the simplest things to use for embedding, and you get excellent results!

Casting Cap’n Crunch Pen Blanks

You heard correctly!! I cast Cap’n Crunch Berries in Alumilite to make pen blanks! It’s a fun process, may not be the most elegant pen in the world, but it’s fun!

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