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2016 Stress Free Woodworks Pen Challenge | Pens For Soldiers

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My entry for the Stress Free Woodworks Pen Challenge... A red, white and blue sagebrush infused pen! I go through the steps in casting the blank as well as turning the pen in the video. Thanks for putting this challenge on James! I had a blast participating in the challenge, and I'm honored to get a chance to show my support and appreciation for our brave men and women out there protecting us.

How to Make Ribbon Blanks With Alumilite

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Some example pen blank castings with ribbons made from Alumilite resin

Ribbon blanks are super simple to make with Alumilite resin, and you can get some pretty awesome results with ribbons in your blanks. Ribbons also allow you to add colors or highlights strategically in your blanks, something that is extremely difficult to do with just dyes or pigments alone.