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Resin Casting in Cold Temperatures

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With winter knocking on the door, the temperature in the shop is dropping. In this video, I cover some of the problems that can occur when resin casting in cooler temperatures as well as some recommendations for minimum temperatures to work in.

Cutting Alumilite Blanks on the Table Saw

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https://youtu.be/NoWoSVl2hzU I get asked quite often what my setup is for cutting Alumilite blanks, so I figured it was high time to put a video up showing my methods and tools used. The great news is it doesn't require any specialty tools or wild setups, just standard woodworking equipment. I do prefer using the Tenryu [...]

Using a Log Book With Resin Casting

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Shot of Zac with a notebook for logging casting data

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGoTPz8aQLg   Show Notes: Keeping a log of all the castings you pour is the best way to get repeatable results. I record every pour that I do now, and I refer to my log book daily! I've also created a PDF template that you can download and use for your castings. Click Here or [...]