The Skull Bead Blank Razor Handle

We cast some skull beads in Alumilite on the live stream, and I decided to make a razor handle with the blank. Overall, it turned out far better than I had expected, you can actually see little skulls peeking out at you! This was actually a project that was cast and turned last year around Halloween, but I wasn’t able to get the video up in time. I waited patiently for a year, and finally got to put it up in time for Halloween this year.

As I mention in the video, I don’t use the tubed kits for razors. I prefer keeping the blank intact so you can see everything in the blank. Besides, it’s just faster and easier to drill and tap a 1/4-20 hole/threads in one end and start turning the blank. No need to wait for glue to dry! I get the Parker D/E safety razor heads and bases at The Golden Nib online. They’re not too expensive really, and they look fabulous!

If you’d rather just buy a mandrel that has 1/4-20 threads on it, I found some at Rockler that should do the job nicely:

Don’t forget, we do the Dunkin’ Junk! Live streams every Wednesday and Saturday on my Twitch channel. I go through the whole process of casting the blanks on Wednesday and turn the blanks from the week before on Saturdays. The stream begins at 2PM Pacific time both days. Come and join the fun if you can! Make sure to follow me on Twitch so you get notified when I go live, I sometimes add bonus streams when I have something fun to work on or share.

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