The Tree Bark Bottle Opener

We cast some Crepe Myrtle tree bark in Alumilite and made a bottle opener handle out of it n this Dunkin’ Junk! Live replay. Super easy blank to make, and the handle is really quick and easy to make. The bottle opener kit uses the same threads as a bottle stopper, so you can drill & tap the threads in the blank then mount it on the stopper mandrel to turn it up. I also share a tip for mounting the blank to allow you to shape the entire blank too.

Tools & Materials Used in this Project:

2 thoughts on “The Tree Bark Bottle Opener”

  1. Fred in Temecula

    I really liked the color on the bottle opener. I have made a few with cast alumilite. First using Grape Wood and second using Cholla cactus. All have turned out fine. I tried some at 1-1/4 which I think are too thick. Those that are 1-1/8 or even one inch are quite nice. I put six out at the silent auction and all sold!

    1. That’s awesome Fred! I need to make some more of these, they are really fun to turn and make some really awesome gifts or pieces to sell. Might try a little thicker next time to compare

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