Turning A Mini Pine Cone Blank

In this rebroadcast of the Live Stream, I turn a mini pine cone blank. I picked up the pine cones in Hawaii, and finally got them cast. Unfortunately, I had a catch early on which was captured on video… and live! The catch was completely my fault, as I didn’t have proper support on the tail stock side. I’ve since switched to using a cupped live center, which stabilizes the blank better.

Due to the blank cracking, I had to switch gears and turn a pen instead of a seam ripper. Overall, I’m quite pleased at how the pen turned out. The resin was really transparent, so the tube shows through a bit. It’s not too noticeable though and doesn’t really detract from the beauty of the pen.

I used a Sierra style kit for this project, and the blank was made using Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin.

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